Ghar wrecker
The Wrecker is a small crawler machine designed to recover valuable wreckage from the battlefield. Busy wreckers can be found scurrying about the battlefield salvaging useful pieces of armour, weapons and vehicles and separating them from the sorry remains of...
Isorian Andhak SC2 Medium Support Drone Compression Cannon
The Isorian Andhak SC2 series of drones is a stalwart of Isorian forces. Like its Concord counterparts, it is a sentient IMTel integrated machine capable of carrying a variety of different weapons. The compression cannon is a relatively exotic light...
Isorian Andhak SC2 Medium Support Drone Fractal Cannon
The Andhak is protected by phaseshift shielding as well as conventional nano‐cored shell and kinetic shields. Capable of self-repair and phase shifting, it is mainly equipped with a plasma cannon, but can use either a compression cannon or a fractal...
Isorian Andhak SC2 medium support drone with phase-shift projector
The Phase-shift projector is a specifically Isorian field engineering weapon. It is based on the Isorian phase-shift technology used in their armour, phase rifle and other devices, and has not been able to be replicated outside an Isorian nanosphere. Isorian...
Isorian Andhak SC2 Medium Support Drone with plasma light support
The plasma light support gun – often abbreviated to Plasma LS – is the ultimate in rapid firing infantry support weapons and the mainstay of Concord and Isorian weapon drone units. The plasma light support gun is easily recognised by...
Isorian Fast Strike Force
Want to start your own lightning fast strike forces? Then deliver a blow to the heart of your enemy with the Isorian Fast Strike Force! This bundle contains: 1 Isorian Pulse Bike Command Squad 2 Isorian Pulse Bike Squad Models...
£60.00 £54.00
Isorian Mahran Vesh MV5 combat drone
The Mahran Vesh type 5 Combat Drone, often abbreviated to MV5, is the standard large combat drone found in Isorian armies throughout Antarean space. As with all fighting drones in the Isorian arsenal, it is a fully sentient machine, lacking...
Isorian Pulse Bike Command Squad
SV 21 Takhan pulse bikes are designed for speed and manoeuvrability, making them ideal for hit-and-run missions where they can easily avoid slower and more heavily armed opponents. Pulse bike formations are used in a reconnaissance role, scouting out the...
Isorian Pulse Bike Squad
The Isorian SV21 Takhan Pulse Bike is a fully-sentient drone machine. A squad is comprised of at least three Pulse Bikes together with their riders. Pulse bikes are designed for speed; they are lightly armed but exceptionally fast and manoeuvrable....
Isorian Support team with Plasma Bombard
The plasma bombard is the most powerful and largest kind of mobile plasma weapon in the armoury of the Isorian Senatex ground forces. Its multiple looped plasma coils generate a tremendous energised burst with a flat trajectory and extremely high...
Isorian Tograh MV2 transporter drone
The Tograh is a type 2 variant of the Mahran Vesh combat drone fully adapted to carry human or alien passengers in a separate transportation shell. The MV2 is a sentient machine, although depending upon its machine intelligence is not...
Isorian X Howitzer
The X-howitzer is a large magnetic launcher built for lobbing shells over great distances. It is a common machine of war, one that every race understands the value of. They are the largest kinds of launchers and sturdily constructed to withstand...
Mobilised Algoryn AI Squad
Get ready to transport needed troops to the front, ferry your men in the exact positions you need them to be. This bundle contains: 1 Algoryn AI Defiant transport skimmer The Defiant transport skimmer optional extras set 1 Algoryn AI...
£51.00 £46.00
Na'Alene Scent Traps
Once amusing household plants that caught flies, these have grown to giant size. They have huge flowers with many petals, on the surface of which are fine, soft hairs. The plants exude an attractive, heady scent that is intoxicating to...
Oil Barrel dump
Pack contains 1 resin oil barrel dump. Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Rocky Terrain pack with modular board
Rocks are on nearly every single planet and can be used in any manner you really see fit, you can make a debris field, or a boulder field, or a natural field faded by time. In the Antares rule book,...
Sandbag Emplacement
 This pack contains a sandbag emplacement. Great for your mortars and HMG teams and anyone else who'd rather not get shot.  
Shell holes and craters
For your battlefield, multi-purpose resin holes and craters of different shapes and sizes depicting pits in the ground where a bomb, shell, or a military mine has exploded. Pack contains 5 Resin craters. Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Termite Mounds Terrain pack for modular board
Whether these mounds are hives for creatures or air vents for something larger, they help create an alien feel to any battlefield. Intruding from the ground, these 'spikes' don't bother most troops but they make it dangerous for most, if not all, vehicles. In...
Tograh MV2 Transporter with Isorian phase Squad
If you want to get started with an Isorian force then here's the perfect task force to bring to the battlefield! Contents: 1 Isorian Tograh MV2 transporter drone 1 Isorian Senatex Phase Squad Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
£50.00 £45.00
Tsan Ra Strike Force
Although the Tsan Ra unit types are few in number the ability to include more drone units in smaller forces compared to a regular Isorian army means they can be quite hard hitting. Larger forces can incorporate human elements, which...
Virai Dronescourge - First Instance
The Virai Dronescourge are a species of artificial life, drones with machine intelligences conforming to a strict, hierarchical structure. They are feared by all Antarean nations due to their purposeful disregard for both biological life and integrated, cooperative intelligences such...
Sold Out
Warehouse Set 1
Set contains 9 resin unpainted pieces.
Warehouse Set 2
Set contains 11 resin unpainted pieces.
Wooden Fence pack (4)
This pack contains 4 unpainted Wooden fence sections - Saving you £2 on buying them individually.
Wooden Fence Section
Wooden fence section to fit on your gaming table for either your World War II games or any other time period. Pack contains fence one section and is supplied unpainted. Figures for scale and not included.
Wrecked Ghar Objective
This unfortunate Ghar took a direct hit from a heavy Mag Cannon and was torn apart, it is now up to you to save the pilot or leave his fate with the enemy! Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Xilos Gulper
The long-abandoned subterranean ruins of the Builders have become the lairs to many creatures, and some even appear to have evolved to take advantage of this considerable ecological niche in the bowels of Xilos. Now, as you fight across the...

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