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We are open Monday - Friday, UK time 9am - 9pm (04:00 - 16:00 EST) and Sat - Sun: UK time 9am - 5pm (04:00 - 12:00 EST)

You can also write to us if you need assistance with our products or your orders with us:

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Customer Service FAQ

This is a list of our most frequently asked questions. Please give this a read before contacting us:

I have a problem with my product or order, what do I do?

We are sorry to hear that you have a problem with your product or order. Please contact us here with your name, preferred delivery address, a photograph of the problem where necessary and your order number if the issue is from an order placed directly through the Warlord webstore.

We would also try to help if you have not purchased the product directly from us; in this case we would also ask you to let us know of the name of the original seller.

My order says it was sent on *Insert Date* - when will it arrive?

Please note that all orders placed through the Warlord webstore are shipped from our warehouse, located in Nottingham, UK.

For parcels with destinations within the UK, shipping times vary depending on the type of shipping selected at the checkout (Standard with Royal Mail Standard method or UPS Courier).

Standard shipping times for Royal Mail within the UK are 2-4 working days from the date of Shipping.

Parcels sent via Courier are delivered within 1-2 working days in the UK 

Orders placed on-line with destinations outside of the UK are only sent via UPS Courier and are delivered within 2-7 working days from the date of shipping.

By placing orders via our Customer Service team, customers can ask for Royal Mail Shipping instead of the default UPS Courier if preferred. This method is also automatically applied for parcels to be sent anywhere to PO Boxes addresses.

  • Royal Airmail Shipping to Europe takes roughly 3-10 working days
  • Royal Airmail Shipping to the rest of world takes roughly 10-15 working days

Orders sent with standard shipping are not tracked and are handled by the local postal service.

If your order has not arrived after this amount of time has passed, it is worth double-checking at the local Post Office in case the parcel is being held there.

Orders sent with UPS Courier are fully tracked so we can provide a tracking number for your parcel, please contact us via if you have not received a tracking number for your order.

Please note, we have been advised by Royal Mail that all parcels may take up to 28 working days to arrive depending upon Customs Clearance times and we are unable to claim a parcel as missing until 28 working days after dispatch has passed; if your order has not arrived by this time, please get in touch via and we will happily investigate further.

Please also check our Shipping and Delivery page for more details.


My shipping address is incorrect - what do I do?

Please note that – in this circumstance – time is key. We will do everything we can to update your details before your order is dispatched. However, our average turnaround time for a Mail Order is roughly 2 working days – so we urge you to please get in touch with us, either by phone on +44(0)1159 784495 (US Toll-free: 18333261246), or through to make us aware of the issue as soon as is possible, so that we can intercept your order and make the necessary amendments before it leaves the Warlord warehouse.

If paying through PayPal or the alternative payment methods offered at check-out please make sure your delivery address is correct before and after placing your order.

Unfortunately, if the order has already been dispatched we will not be able to amend the address and have the parcel re-directed. You will need to contact your local postal service or UPS (depending on which shipping method has been used) as they may be able to re-direct the parcel. If the postal service or the courier are unable to do this your parcel should be returned to us in due course. Once the parcel arrives back with our team, we will be in contact regarding a re-delivery of your order.


Do you accept orders over the phone?

We do indeed! Our mail order phone number is: +44(0)115 9784495 (US Toll-free: 18333261246).

Our team will be available to answer your calls Friday, UK time 9am - 9pm (04:00 - 16:00 EST) and Sat - Sun: UK time 9am - 5pm (04:00 - 12:00 EST). Please have your card details ready, as well as the name/product codes of the items which you would like to order.

Can I visit you?

Yes you can! Please visit the Warlord HQ store page for more information.


My order is to be shipped within the UK, why have I paid for Courier shipping? Why do I have no option for Standard shipping?

Due to Royal Mail shipping regulations, we are unable to ship some particular items (for example Aerosol Spray cans) using their services. If your order includes any number of such items, the parcel will be automatically sent by Priority Shipping.


I would like to order a pre-order item, can I order other items with this?

You can indeed! Please note, all orders placed with pre-order items included will be held until the release date of the pre-order item. If you want your other products earlier please place a separate order so we can ensure you get your goodies as early as possible!


Can I add something to my order?

You can of course add something to your order! Please get in touch, either by phone on +44(0)1159 784 495 (US Toll-free: 18333261246), or through, and let us know which items you would like to add. Please note that – in this circumstance – time is key. We will do everything we can to add additional items before your order is dispatched. However our average turnaround time for a Mail Order is roughly 2 working days – so we urge you to get in touch with us as soon as possible to make us aware of the items you would like to add, so that we can intercept your order and make the necessary amendments before it leaves the Warlord warehouse. 


Can I purchase a model/component from a kit?

While normally we do not sell individual components or models from sets, we do our best to make exceptions and help hobbyists with their projects. Please email us at with your request and we will look into if it is possible to sell the item you are after.


I can't download the digital product that I bought!

The link to download a digital rulebook will be sent in a separate email entitled: “Your downloads are ready”. If you could check your Junk or Spam mail folder in case this has gone there, we would really appreciate that. If you haven’t received this e-mail please contact us at and we can look into this further. 


Can I place an order for collection at a show?

You can indeed place an order for collection at a show! Please email us at with a list of the items, which event you would like to collect them at, and if you would prefer to pay now or at the event. Please note that to ensure your order can be taken to the event we will need the order by the Tuesday before the event. We may not be able to take orders placed after this time due to casting times for models.


What do I need to get started with Bolt Action?

To get started with Bolt Action we would recommend looking at for inspiration then purchasing a starter set from our website. Further information can be found on our Bolt Action Facebook page and on our Forum


I'd like to see your product in person - where's my local stockist?

The stores that stock our products can be found here. Please try searching with the name of your local city and your postal/zip code for best results. If you have a nearby store which does not yet stock our products, let us know.


I run a game store and would like to stock your products - how do I do so?

Please get in touch with us here with your details and a member or our trade team will be in contact shortly.


I run a game club, and we're looking to get into your games - what support do you offer?

We are currently reviewing how best to support clubs and will update this information once the new system is in place. In the meantime you can give us a call on +44 (0) 1159 784 495 (US Toll-free: 18333261246) or write to us at


I'm running an event, could I have some support?

We are happy to help where we can, please get in touch with us here with the details of your event and a member of our events team will be in contact shortly.


Can I review a product?

Please get in touch with us here with your details and a member of our community team will be in contact shortly.


What scale are your miniatures?

Most of our models are 28mm - also known as 1/56... Yes you can use 1/50 vehicles as well - whatever works for you is fine. There is no definitive right answer. Some players use 1/56, some use 1/48, - it is down to personal preference - whatever looks right to you, is the correct solution for you.

Over the course of the past four years we have also released games and ranges in different scales, like naval battles in 1/300, 1/750 and 1/1800, aerial combat in 1/200 and a new Epic Scale for our Black Powder game set during the American Civil War, with models 15mm tall (13.5mm from feet to eye level).


How do I assemble THIS kit/where are instructions to assemble THIS kit...

Some Construction Diagrams are available on the kit’s web page, between the various pictures shown for the same kit. We do not create assembly diagrams for all our kits if these are not made of many parts, but If a construction diagram for your kit is not yet available, please send us a quick photograph of the specific components which are causing you issues to and we will help.


I cannot log into my account from outside the UK?

If you are a customer from outside of the UK and prior to August 20th 2021 (when the store was split into regions) your account may need re-activation. Please visit our Warlord Games regionalised page for more information.


My question isn't listed here, what do I do?

Our Customer Service team will be happy to help with any advice or queries, please get in touch with them via or call us: +44 (0) 1159 784 495 (US Toll-free: 18333261246).