Isorian Andhak SC2 medium support drone with phase-shift projector

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Scale: 28mm
1 Drone
Metal Resin
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The Phase-shift projector is a specifically Isorian field engineering weapon. It is based on the Isorian phase-shift technology used in their armour, phase rifle and other devices, and has not been able to be replicated outside an Isorian nanosphere.

Isorian Andhak SC2 Medium Support Drone Weapon Options: The support drone can be rearmed with a phase-shift projector instead of a plasma light support - 0 points (See page 84 The Dronescourge returns).

Phased synchronisation

Any solid target becomes temporarily unsynchronised from normal space and synchronised with phase armour. When the projector hits a door, wall or similar obstacle, including terrain obstacles up to 2” thick, not only does the target inside take damage but a friendly unit within 10” that is fully equipped with phase armour can make an immediate, synchronised Advance or Run action to move straight through the targeted obstacle as if it was not there.

The synchronised unit’s order dice and actions follow the rules for synchroniser drones (see The Battle for Xilos, p.79). If any model in the synchronised unit ends its movement within solid material, the unit takes a pin for each model and the model is destroyed at the end of its action.

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