C3 Support Team with Plasma Cannon
The culmination of technology has created the ultimate support weapon. In it's own category of light support weapons the plasma cannon is considered the best all rounder, being so good it can contend with heavier weapons on the field making...
C3M 25 & 50 Heavy Combat Drone
You'll need the C3M25 to mount the heavy turrets of the M50 on. If you've not already got one of these impressive tanks then here's the complete package; allowing you to field this Heavy Drone as either the M25 or...
£75.00 £65.00
C3M25 Heavy Combat Drone
The M25 series provides the basis for the ultimate fighting machines available to the armed forces of the Concord Combined Command or C3. These are extremely heavily armed and armoured drones used to spearhead major offensives or assault massive defences....
C3M50 heavy support drone turret
The M50 heavy support series is a variant of the M25, which it closely resembles differing chiefly in its specialist weapon fit. It is designed to carry a heavy X-Howitzer or Mag Mortar together with a quantity of ammunition. Its...
Concord Heavy Drone Assault Battle Group
IMTeL made this reserve force ready so it can react to any galactic threat 24/7 and able to mobilise in under 1 Earth hour. Its primary role is to work in conjunction or support of already made battle hosts present...
£134.00 £120.00
Crashed Skimmer Objective
Whilst the pilot was relatively unscathed, the same cannot be said about the speeder. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Crystals Metallic Gold sets of 4
Put some bling onto your battlefields with the new Crystalline Outcrops. This blister pack contains 4 resin gold coloured crystal clusters.
Sold Out
Crystals Pearlescent Glitter White sets of 4
Put some bling onto your battlefields with the new Crystalline Outcrops. This blister pack contains 4 resin white coloured crystal clusters.
Damaged Drone Objective
Mass produced and seemingly emotionless, however some drones hold valuable information about the enemy, you must retrieve the drone at any cost before it falls in the enemies hands! Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Dragon's Teeth tank traps
These reinforced concrete anti tank obstacles were widely used during the war - especially in Europe. Use these resin obstructions to add an extra dimension to your Bolt Action battlefield. Pack contains nine teeth
Dry Stone Walls
Set contains 6 resin unpainted pieces.
Engineering set
Set contains 7 metal unpainted pieces.
Factory Set 1
Set contains 15 resin unpainted pieces.
Freeborn Heavy Support Team with Mag Mortar
The mag mortar is a very large calibre magnetic launcher built to lob a heavy shell at relatively short ranges. It is another common type of artillery found in most forces. Mag mortars are magnetic launchers designed to lob a...
Freeborn Plasma Bombard
The Freeborn are a race apart, bound neither by the gravity of planets nor the rule of world-spanning machine intelligences. Each Freeborn House – or Vardos as they call themselves – is a proud and independent entity – owing no...
Freeborn Skark Squad
Feral warriors of the Mhagirs ride skarks in their long-ranging raids against rival tribes and often clash in the scalding desert air. The Mhagris have fallen under the domination of the Oszon Mercantile League. The League, an alliance of Freeborn...
Freeborn Sky Raider command squad
There are few sounds so dreaded as the foreboding drone of vortex engines heard when a swarm of Freeborn Skyraiders descends upon its target! Some might claim the Skyraiders are no more than brigands and pirates, falling from the sky...
Freeborn Solar Command Skimmer
The Solar Skimmer is a reconstructed Concord Transporter Drone designed to carry a human crew and configured for alternative manual operation. In practice it is a drone vehicle with crew override capabilities,  designed to act as a mobile vehicle headquarters....
Freeborn Starter Army
The Freeborn are raised and live upon spacecraft plying the trade routes of Antarean space, facilitating commerce and ready transport throughout the Nexus and between antagonistic states and even races of diverse and strange kinds, and none range so widely...
Freeborn Striker Attack Skimmer
The Striker Attack Skimmer is a templated two man transporter that emulates aspects of Concord drone design. It is similar in concept and appearance to many civilian skimmers found throughout Antarean space. Concord military regard such machines as too vulnerable...
Freeborn X-howitzer
The X-howitzer is a very large magnetic launcher built for lobbing shells over great distances. It is a common battlefield heavy artillery support weapon used by practically all forces. It is often built onto back of heavy combat drone or...
Ghar Attack Scutters
Attack Scutters are little more than Scutters with their bombloadingequipment and ammunition removed enabling them to operate in a fighting role. This makes them more agile than regular Scutters although in other respects they are practically identical.Attack Scutters are used...
Sold Out
Ghar Bombardment Crawler
Packing the heavy disruptor Bomber plus x2 Scourer Cannon, any shot from this walker can guarantee no one walks away unscathed. Using their standard crawler design the Ghar have created a variant of crawler that rains heavy shells down onto...
Ghar Command Crawler
The Command Crawler is a multi-legged vehicle designed to carry a Ghar Commander into battle. Like other Ghar machines it is a primitive affair that is powered by a volatile plasma reactor. The reactor’s exposed magnetic feed lines bathe the...
Ghar High Commander Karg 12-40-9
Karg commands his armies from his mobile Command Crawler which has the added benefit of space for the pampered human slaves with which he surrounds himself. Karg is too fond of life to risk himself in battle if it can...
Ghar Outcast Rebel 500 point Scout Force
Representing the forces of the rebel Ghar leader Fartok this army is built around a core of freed slaves – outcasts – but their role is quite different from that of outcasts in the Ghar Empire’s own armies. These ‘free’...
£91.00 £75.00
Ghar Outcast Rebel Army
The Ghar Empire is torn asunder by rebellion! From the world of Gharon Prime the Supreme Commander despatches his vast and powerful armies to track down and destroy the rebels. Alas, even the best and most favoured of the Ghar...
Ghar Outcast Rebel Attack Crawler
Across the Ghar Empire rebellion spreads as Outcast forces led by the disgraced High Commander Fartok confront the armies of the Empire in open battle. The rebels are tough and determined, but so far at least, vastly outnumbered and woefully...
Ghar Outcast Rebel Creeper
One of the accomplishments of Fartok’s Outcast engineers is to find ways of repurposing the simple shells of captured enemy equipment. Such shells are made of materials of a kind that is strange and alien, quite unlike the familiar onion-like...
Ghar scutter
Scutters are one‐man crawlers designed to carry Disruptor Bomb ammunition for Ghar Heavy Bombardment units. Because these bombs are quite large, Bombardment units can carry only a limited amount of ammunition. Hence, they are accompanied by Scutters, which busily feed...

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