"Liberty or Death" American War of Independence Battle Set
Resenting taxes imposed by the British parliament, patriot protests escalate to a peak on December 16, 1773 with the destruction of a shipment of tea, known as 'the Boston Tea Party'. The British government punished Massachusetts by closing the port...
American Civil War: Cavalry (1861-1865) plastic boxed set
Add Union or Confederate horsemen to your army with this great value boxed set of hard plastic miniatures! This boxed set cleverly allows you to make either Union or Confederate troops by way of separate hats. Contains: 12 hard plastic,...
Early Imperial Romans: Scorpion Battery
Each Roman Century would be provided with a Scorpio Catapult to accompany them on the battlefield but when fighting as a legion these would be combined to form a battery.  Typically this would consist of 60 Scorpions and be located...
Greeks: Ancient Greek Hoplites
The hoplite phalanx was one of the most formidable fighting formations of the ancient world, enabling the Greeks to dominate the battlefields of their homelands and much of the Near East for hundreds of years. Each hoplite was equipped with...
Early Imperial Romans: Auxiliaries Boxed Set
Auxiliaries is a term used to describe non-native soldiers in Roman service. The term nowadays can almost be read as pejorative, but the auxiliaries of Imperial Rome were hard fighting men! Well-equipped and well-trained these men, sometimes from quite diverse...
Napoleonic Wars: Pavlovsk Grenadier Regiment 1789-1815
Following their distinguished performance at the Battle of Friedland in 1807 Russia's Pavlovsk's Grenadier Regiment was granted the honour of keeping their mitre-caps and inducted into the Imperial Guard. Here we have these distinguished troops ready for you to induct...
Wars of the Roses: Mercenaries - European Infantry (1450-1500) plastic boxed set
This new box contains 40 multi-part figures which can be assembled as pikemen (up to 18), crossbowmen (up to 12) and handgunners (up to 12 models) as well as command. It includes 12 european polearm heads which are designed to...
Ancient Britons: Hunting Party
This Hunting Party offer combines the multi-pose flexibility of our superb plastic Celtic Warriors with finely detailed metal components The ponies come with the riders' legs attached - all you need to do is choose which upper torso and shield...
Ancient Celts: Army Standard Bearer
Despite their ferocious and barbaric appearance Celts, like all troops, fought under tribal banners and standards - two examples of which you get in the plastic Celtic Warriors boxed set. For your army standard bearer you'll want something even more...
American Civil War: Zouaves (1861-1865) plastic boxed set
A fabulous plastic boxed sets from Alan Perry featuring the Zouaves, the exotically clothed and wildly hirsute show offs of the North and South! The box has 42 spirited men dressed in their best baggy trousers and fezzes worn in...
Mahdist Revolt: Mahdist Ansar (1884) plastic boxed set
The box contains 40 Mahdist Ansar, who fought the Eygptians and British between 1881-1885. They include command, six flags, info and painting guide, plus sand-colored unit bases. They're designed to be assembled as Beja tribesmen ('Fuzzy Wuzzies', early or late...
Dark Ages: Viking Hirdmen plastic boxed set
Warlord Games are pleased to present Gripping Beast's new Viking Hirdsmen plastic boxed set. Bent solely on pillaging monasteries, enslaving the helpless and massacring all who stood in their way the Viking Raiders are truly a force to be feared....
Early Imperial Romans: Officers
The perfect complement to your army of plastic and metal Legionaries, Auxiliaries and war machines, these two finely-detailed miniatures will sit proudly behind your battleline directing your troops to victory! There was little discernable difference between the equipment of a...
Ancient Celts: Celtic Warriors plastic boxed set
Renowned for their ferocity in battle, what the Celts lacked in drill or armour they made up for in determination and spirit. Fighting with sword, spear and javelin, they would hurl themselves at their enemies to sweep them away or...
Greeks: Classical Greek Phalanx
This set allows you to recreate the warriors that fought in some of the classical world's most famous battles and campaigns. Fight against the Spartan alliance in the Peloponnesian War, undertake the massive but ultimately disastrous invasion of Sicily, lead...
Napoleonic Wars: Prussian Landwehr Mounted Officers 1789-1815
A splendid depiction of a senior Landwher officer of the Napoleonic wars. these Reservists fought in the wars of liberation of 1813-1815, culminating in their  great victory at Waterloo where thay distinguished themselves at Ligny and Plancenoit.These fellows can be...
Wars of the Roses: Infantry (1455-1487) plastic boxed set
The box contains 40 plastic 28mm infantry figures (i.e. bodies, 14 different), including four fully armoured command and enough parts to build up to 18 billmen (i.e. pairs of arms with polearms) and up to 30 archers (i.e. pairs of...
Early Imperial Romans: Legionary Command
With any self-respecting Roman general fielding multiple units of legionaries it's only natural we provide even more variety to the command models in the plastic boxed set. These highly detailed models represent a highly decorated centurion with vinestick under arm...
Ancient Celts: Cavalry boxed set
This regiment offer combines the multi-pose flexibility of our superb plastic Celtic Warriors with finely detailed metal and resin components. The ponies come with the riders' legs attached - all you need to do is choose which upper torso and...
Napoleonic Wars: French Line Infantry plastic (1812-1815) plastic boxed set
The figures in the box represent a 36 man battalion (4 Fusilier companies, 1 Grenadier company, 1 Voltigeur company) in the typical march-attack pose of the period including command ( 1 officer, 1 standard bearer, 1 drummer) and with an...
Napoleonic Wars: Russian Line Infantry (1812-1815) plastic boxed set
The infantry formed the backbone of all armies in the Napoleonic Wars, but no army relied more on its humble private foot soldier than that of Imperial Russia. Brave, stubborn and resilient they had to cope with poor conditions, worse...
Macedonians: Phalangites plastic set
This set contains 40 multi-part Macedonian Phalangites plus shield decals. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Greeks: Greek Command
Adding more presence and variety to the frontline of your hoplite phalanx, these three Greek commanders will add steely discipline to your troops as they face down their enemies up close and personal.One of these metal models holds his sword...
Napoleonic Wars: British Hussars 1808-1815
The box contains 14 Hussars, including an officer and a trumpeter. Included are five variants of head gear in the box (all figures have the variants) which will allow you to make up British, KGL and Hanoverian Hussars from 1808 to 1815....
Spartans: Spartans plastic boxed set
The Spartans are possibly the most famous fighting men in history, and rightly so! Spartan Hoplites were respected and feared throughout Greece, and it was long thought that no land power could stand against them. Lacedaemon, with Sparta as its...
Dark Ages: Norman Knights plastic boxed set
From the rain swept hills of England to the scorching deserts of the Holy Land the Norman Knight commanded the battlefield. A warrior raised in the saddle and trained in warfare from birth, few could match his prowess. On his...
Early Imperial Romans: Legionaries set (30)
Well-drilled, and clad in his segmented armour the Legionary was the lifeblood of the Roman war machine - there was no kingdom or state that could withstand the unforgiving Legions of the Roman empire... This set contains 30 multi-part, hard...
Early Imperial Romans: Legionaries and Scorpion boxed set
Well-drilled, and clad in his segmented armour the Legionary was the lifeblood of the Roman war machine - there was no kingdom or state that could withstand the unforgiving Legions of the Roman empire... This boxed set contains 20 multi-part,...
Ancient British Warriors
There can be few more characterful people than the ancient Britons. With their trademark spikey limed hair, magnificently droopy moustaches and painted with woad battle-markings they were as colourful and they were ferocious. The British, who still favoured the chariots...
Dark Ages: Saxon Thegns plastic boxed set
Gripping Beast's plastic Saxon Thegns have arrived! The Thegns (pronounced Thanes) were nobles of Saxon England who held land in return for military service. In times of war they served their Lords as the military elite of the Saxon armies....

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