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British Army (Early War)

Through the Early War (1939-1940) period, the ‘British Expeditionary Force’ (or ‘B.E.F.’ for short) fought to hold back the German advance up until the evacuation at Dunkirk.

Get started with: British Expeditionary Force, Vickers light tank, A12 Matilda II infantry tank

Key Battles: Battle of Arras, Battle of Boulogne, Siege of Calais

British Army (Late War)

With support and supplies from the USA, the British Army returned to France on D-Day in 1944, driving the German forces back through mainland Europe to Germany.

Get started with: British Infantry, Universal Carrier, Cromwell cruiser tank

Key Battles: D-Day Landings, Battle for Normandy, Operation Goodwood, crossing the Rhine

British Airborne

Immortalised in such classic movies as 'A Bridge too Far,' the Red Devils of the British Airborne forces parachuted deep behind enemy lines to secure crucial objectives.

Get started with: British Paratroop Section

Key Battles: Pegasus Bridge, Arnhem

British Commandos

The Commandos were an elite force within the British Army who specialised in launching lightning raids, using equipment such as the Vickers-K machine gun, cockle canoes - and of course, the Green Beret.

Get started with: Commandos!

Key Battles: St Nazaire, Bruneval, Walcheren, Dieppe

British Chindits

The British Chindits served in the jungles of Burma and India under the leadership of Orde Wingate - using guerrilla tactics to push back the all-conquering Japanese army.

Get started with: Chindits Jungle Fighters

Key Battles: Irrawaddy River, Operation Thursday, Kohima

British 8th Army

The 8th Army included troops from throughout the British Empire and Commonwealth, fighting across the North African desert, then taking part in the invasion of Sicily and Italy.

Get started with: British 8th Army

Key Battles: Tobruk, El Alamein, Egypt

Special Air Service

Founded in 1941, the S.A.S was a commando force operating behind enemy lines in North Africa and later in Europe. They worked alongside the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) to attack Axis airfields, destroying planes and weakening the Luftwaffe threat.

Get started with: SAS Long Range Jeep

Key Battles: North Africa, Italy, South of France

British Commonwealth

Troops from the British Commonwealth of Nations, such as Australians and Indians, served in all major theatres of the British war effort.

Get started with: Australian Independent Commando Squad

Key Battles: Burma, Messina, Kohima

Dad's Army - Home Guard

With Britain under threat of Nazi invasion, the Local Defence Volunteers were raised to defend their families and homes. The classic TV series, Dad’s Army followed the adventures of Walmington-on-Sea's Home Guard platoon.

Get started with: Dad's Army Home Guard Platoon

Favourite Characters: Captain Mainwaring, Corporal Jones, Pike, Hodges the Air Warden

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