Luftwaffe Anti-Aircraft battery markers
Blood Red Skies Air Strike is a full rules compendium for the game whilst introducing new mechanics such as ground attack. Ground targets are scarcely undefended, and any pilot will quite often have to weather the storm of flak and...
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Lavochkin La-5 Ace: Ivan Kozhedub
Ivan Kozhedub fought in both WWII and later in Korea. His first combat mission was on 26 March 1943. His first victory came in July over the Kursk battlefields and his record would soon climb. With a natural gift for...
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Mitsubishi J2M 'Raiden' Ace: Yozo Tsuboi
Yozo Tsuboi, was Japans only Raiden Ace claiming 5.5 victories in this aircraft whilst serving with the 302nd Kokutai (302nd Naval Air Group). He lost his last battle when taking on a formidably armed F-13A reconnaissance aircraft, (a redesignated version...
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Blood Red Skies base weights pack
These base weights are designed to fit snugly within the advantage bases supplied with Warlord Games' Blood Red Skies aircraft. Improve the stability of your miniatures on the tabletop as they swoop, dive and climb through aerial melees. Pack contains...
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