Wargames Illustrated Issue 370 August Edition 2018

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Observation Post

We take a look at what’s new and forthcoming in our hobby.

Theme: “To the Shores Of Tripoli”

We begin our America at War theme content with the United States’ first military intervention in North Africa. Pete Brown takes up the story....

Designer’s Notes: Dracula’s America, Forbidden Powers

Jonathan Haythornthwaite, author of the top selling Dracula’s America rulebooks, talks about the latest volume in this Weird Wild West series.

Theme: The Dragon’s Choice

As part of this month’s theme, Dave Tuck and Malc Johnston take a look at the brave men of the United States Marine Corps, in a famous action at the turn of the 20th Century, during the Boxer Rebellion.

Crete 1941 - Part 1

James Morris shares his latest project; gaming Crete 1941. In this first of two articles he tells us why and how the game came together.

Theme: Who’s Civil War Is This Anyway?

Neil Smith discussesthe brave men and their regiments who were not American by birth, but fought for their adopted nation, Union or Confederacy, in the Civil War.

Designer’s Notes: Strontium Dog

We took a trip to Warlord Games to meet up with top rules author Andy Chambers and take a journey into the Badlands with the Strontium Dogs.

Theme: The Last Battle

As part of our America at War theme, Pete Brown looks at the last battle of World War One, which involved U.S. ‘Doughboys’ in a tragic assault against the German held French town of Stenay.

Wargaming With Plastic Soldiers - Part 1

Rupert Mitchell presents the first in a two-part overview aimed at gamers interested in exploring a new scale, a new material, a new era or a combination of these - 1/72 scale plastic.

Theme: As Desperate a Venture

Steve Blease takes us through one of the first major actions undertaken by American troops during World War Two.

Modelling: Mdf Terrain, Detailing, Weathering and More

Gary Faulkner returns with the final part of his series on painting those MDF items we all buy, then worry about painting!

Theme: Wargaming America’s Wars in Plastic

In connection with our theme, Rupert Mitchell looks at what is available in plastic for gaming American wars, home and away.

Rethinking the Crusades – Part 1 – Siege Warfare

The first in a series of articles by leading expert in the field of Crusader warfare, Dr Steve Tibble. Beginning with Siege Warfare.

Rules Showcase: A Little Bit of Dark Ages?

Stuart Mulligan & Oliver Green use their period expertise to provide some thoughts, rules and army lists for converting the popular Lion Rampant rules for the early Renaissance.

Show Report: Legionary

Our report on the eye-candy from Legionary 2018.


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