Napoleonic French Infantry paint set

Key Facts



Set contains 12 Paints

  • Vallejo Model Colour 820 Off White: Crossbelts, trousers, musket slings
  • Vallejo Model Colour 821 German Camo Beige: Shako cover, greatcoat roll
  • Vallejo Model Colour 836 London Grey: greatcoat roll
  • Vallejo Model Colour 865 Oily Steel: Bayonet, musket metalwork, sword
  • Vallejo Model Colour 871 Leather Brown: Musket wood,
  • Vallejo Model Colour 878 Old Gold: Buttons and insignia
  • Vallejo Model Colour 891 Intermediate Green: Voltigeur epaulettes and plumes
  • Vallejo Model Colour 899 Dark Prussian Blue: Jackets
  • Vallejo Model Colour 950 Black: Shako, shoes, backpack, scabbard, ammunition pouch
  • Vallejo Model Colour 953 Flat Yellow: Voltigeur epaulettes and plumes
  • Vallejo Model Colour 981 Orange Brown: backpack
  • Army Painter Pure Red: Collars, cuffs, coat trim, Grenadier epaulettes, shako cords and plumes.


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