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US Army

The US Army was well equipped with excellent infantry weapons and backed up by the ubiquitous Sherman tank, which was produced in huge numbers and many variations.

Get started with: US Infantry, M3A1 Halftrack, M4 Sherman

Key Battles: D-Day Landings, Battle for Normandy, Remagen Bridge

US Airborne

Aggressive and innovative, these elite paratroopers were highly trained and motivated, superbly equipped and packed with firepower (just watch the TV series Band of Brothers!).

Get started with: US Paratrooper Squad, US Airborne

Key Battles: D-Day Air Drop, Operation Market Garden, Bastogne

US Marine Corps (USMC)

The US Marines spearheaded the American response to Japan, leading to a ferocious island-hopping campaign fielding shotguns, flamethrowers or Thompson submachine guns.

Get started with: US Marines, LVT-4 ‘Buffalo’, Amtrac

Key Battles: Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, Okinawa

US Army in winter gear

Our US Winter range is designed for the winter of 1944-45, showing how unprepared for the truly bitter weather, which hit Europe that year, the US forces really were.

Get started with: US Infantry (Winter)

Key Battles: Hertgen Forest, Battle of the Bulge

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