SPQR - 1000 Denarii Caesar's Legions Warband

SPQR - 1000 Denarii Caesar's Legions Warband

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Scale: 28mm
24 Infantry
9 Cavalry
1 Artillery Piece/War Machine
2 Crew
Warlord ResinPlastic
Requires Assembly

This product is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints not included.


Warbands from Caesar’s Legions represent a small force split off from a legion for an extended period of time to achieve specific objectives; Though Caesar’s Legions Warbands have perhaps the best soldiers of the ancient world they will always be outnumbered by lesser men.

Thus when constructing a Caesar's Legions Warband, a solid and durable core is required that can withstand the attack of a numerically superior force. Thus we begin with two 12 man units of Legionaries. By including this many men, they are able to form both shield walls and Tetsudos, and will not lose this capability until they have suffered at least three casualties each. Well armoured and with significant ability to parry; this core force will be extremely difficult to dislodge from a melee.

With the legionaries pinning down the enemy units, the cavalry is practically guaranteed to get a charge off, smashing those foes who are less well equipped than the Romans. Though Roman cavalry is well armoured, it is nonetheless capable of swift movement and repositioning, and has the 'Hit & Run' rule to boot.

A powerful Scorpio team rounds out the minions in this force. If positioned well, the war machine can singlehandedly turn the tide of a battle. A single bolt is both immune to parries and capable of killing three men. You need to be particularly selective when deploying this unit at the outset of battle.


A mounted hero leads this warband, at the head of the 8-man cavalry unit. He is extremely capable and as well-armed and armoured as the troops he leads. In campaigns, Caesar's legions heroes have the capability to develop extremely quickly, gaining bonuses to multiple characteristics at once.

Includes 24 Plastic Infantry, 9 Resin Cavalry & 1 resin Scorpion with crew.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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