USMC Island Assault Force 1500pt

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Scale: 28mm - 1/56th
Plastic ResinMetal Parts
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Requires Assembly

This product is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints not included. Decals not provided.

Two special Battalions, designated by order of the president as USMC Raiders, were formed in 1942 - hand picked, well trained, and highly motivated - they were well prepared when they first entered the fray on Makin Island at the start of the Solomons campaign and developed tactics and systems that were to shape the US marines as we see them today.

  • USMC First Lt (Veteran) 65 pts
  • USMC medic (Veteran) plus 1 man 43 pts
  • USMC Forward Observer - Air Force (Veteran) 90 pts
  • USMC War Dog Team (Veteran) 18 pts
  • USMC Raiders (Veteran) 1 NCO + 9 men (4 sub MG, 3 BAR, 3 shotgun) 186 pts
  • USMC Squad 1 (early) (Regular) 1 NCO + 7 men (2 BAR) 90 pts
  • USMC Squad 2 (early) (Regular) 1 NCO + 7 men (2 BAR) 90 pts
  • USMC Sniper team (Veteran) 67 pts
  • USMC Bazooka team 1 (Regular) 60 pts
  • USMC Bazooka team 2 (Regular) 60 pts
  • USMC Flame thrower team (Regular) 50 pts
  • USMC 30cal MMG Team 1 (Veteran) 65 pts
  • USMC 30cal MMG Team 2 (Veteran) 65 pts
  • USMC 81mm Medium Mortar Team (Veteran) 65 pts
  • M8 Scott (Regular) 140 pts
  • LVT-4 (Buffalo) Amtrac (Veteran) 168 pts
  • LCVP (Regular) 50 pts
  • LCM (Regular) 125 pts


  • US Marine Corps HQ
  • US Marines Plastic Box Set
  • USMC Sniper Bazooka & Flamethrower teams
  • USMC 81mm Mortar
  • USMC 30cal MMG Team Firing
  • USMC 30cal MMG Team re deploying
  • M8 Scott GMC
  • LVT-4 (Buffalo) Amtrac
  • Sarissa LCM
  • Sarissa LCVP
  • Tarps & Rolls
  • WGB-DEC-002 Allied Stars
  • 1 dog from WGH-IR-48 Unleash Hell!
  • That's an awesome 49 troops, 2 weapons, 4 vehicles, plus decals, and a dog!

    If you build your army as per the 1500pt list above you'll have a spare marine or two, use them to operate the landing craft or simply convert to your hearts desire as casualties or objective markers. The dog is a special add on to use with one spare plastic marine as a USMC War Dog Team as seen on page 104 of Empire in Flames. Check out RichD's conversion of one here.

    Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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