Early Bronze Age Command
Suitable as Foot command for any army of Early Bronze Age Mesopotamia, including those of Sumerian, Early Syrian, Elamite, Early Akkadian and Early Highlander armies. Figures can be used for characters such as Sargon the Great of Akkad, Meskalamdug of...
Early Hebrew command
Includes 2 Commanders, a Standard Bearer and a Musician. Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Early/Middle Bronze Age Command
These models can be used to command armies of the Early and Middle Bronze Age, including those of the Amorite Kingdoms & Desert Nomads; Later Akkadian & Neo-Sumerian City-States; Later Highlanders and Elamites. Includes figures that can be used for...
Late Bronze Age Command
This foot command can be used for the armies of Middle Kingdom Assyria, Kassite Babylonia, Mitanni, the Syrian and Canaanite City-States and Middle period Elam. Includes 2 Commanders, a Standard Bearer and a Musician.
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