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In Cruel Seas, you take on the role of a naval crew manning their fragile coastal craft as they head out day and night to take on both the sea and the enemy. Command your flotilla of small ships as...
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British Motor Gun Boat 1939-45
Author: Angus Konstam Illustrator: Tony Bryan Publication Date: 10 Apr 2010 Number of Pages: 48 Motor Gun Boats were the "Spitfires of the Seas” of the Royal Navy. Bristling with small-calibre guns and machine guns, they served in a variety...
British Submarine vs Italian Torpedo Boat - Mediterrenean 1940-43
Author: David Greentree Illustrator: Ian Palmer, Peter Dennis Publication Date: 16 Jun 2016 As the war in North Africa escalated, Axis war efforts became increasingly dependent on supply lines across the Mediterranean. To try to cut off these lines of...
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Kriegsmarine Coastal Forces
Author: Gordon Williamson Illustrator: Ian Palmer Publication Date: 10 Jan 2009 Number of Pages: 48 Although often overlooked in favour of the U-boats or battleships, the vast majority of the Kriegsmarine was formed of the smaller vessels of the coastal...
US Patrol Torpedo boats
Author: Gordon L. Rottman Illustrator: Peter Bull Publication Date: 10 Sep 2008 Number of Pages: 48 Motor torpedo boat development began in the early 1900s, and the vessels first saw service during World War I. However, it was not until...
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