First in! Last Out! Pioniers deal
Deal includes Pionierwagen + German Pioniers + the German Motorcycle 1939-1942 Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
£52.50 £48.00
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Blitzkrieg Sea Lion Invasion Force
Trying to maintain a beachhead on the British shores is a mammoth task, but this invasion Force is the ideal collection to attempt to do it! This Army contains: 1 x Blitzkrieg German HQ (1939-42) 1 x Blitzkrieg German Infantry...
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Blitzkrieg Gigant Strike Force
With the most ambitious operation of the war underway, it'll take valour, courage and overwhelming power to achieve the desired objectives, luckily the German forces have created this top of the line elite force to handle this sort of job....
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German Early Tank Attack Force (PzII & PzIV)
The führer would be pleased with this strike force, capable of sweeping over nations and crushing the combined forces of Western Europe. Blitzkrieg your way into the heart of the Allied forces and crush anyone who stands in the way...
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German Offensive Force (Winter)
Gear up your troops in this one-stop army set containing: 1x box of German Infantry (Winter) - (30 plastic German infantry figures in greatcoats) 2x Boxes of Opel Blitz/Maultier - (2 plastic truck kits with lots of options including seated...
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German Blitzkrieg Starter, France 1940
The art of lightning war, pioneered by the German forces, was heavily utilised with the German invasion of Western Europe. It was such a brash tactic that it stormed through Belgian and allowed the German army to literally drive circles...
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