Later Greek Peltasts

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Greek armies were not completely made up of hoplites and nor were Macedonians armies purely pike-armed ´…_Ë both made good use of other troop types ´…_Ë amongst the most effective being the javelin-armed peltasts.

Peltasts were a key element in skirmishing and protecting the vulnerable flanks of the ponderous hoplite and phalangite formations. Harassing the enemy battle line, threatening their flanks and also masking their armies movements from the enemy, Peltasts were generally mercenaries in nature as the Greeks had focused on developing heavy infantry instead. It was not uncommon for Greek armies to contein pletasts from a variety of regions, from Thracians to Illyrians.

Peltasts could be a deadly foe in their own right and not merely supporting troops for heavier formations. A good example of this was in 391 BC during the Battle of Lechaeum when an army of peltasts defeated an army of hoplites for the first time ´…_Ë a force of 600 Spartan hoplites was defeated using hit-and-run tactics.

Pack contains 8 metal figures

Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted


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